Sunday, June 10, 2007

Moving, soon

We are getting ready to move at the end of the month. We like where we are, but the landlord is just too difficult. She is a nice person, but really loud (she lives upstairs), opened a salon upstairs (illegal?), and we want to be able to have our own place. Our yard is pretty gross, too, from her feeding so much seed to the birds and squirrels, corn to the ducks, and letting weeds (and corn) take over. I used to take care of the gardens, but am not so motivated if I won't be here.

After a lot of looking, we found a house. We weren't sure for a while where we would end up. One of the homes we looked at had had the pipes freeze and burst (didn't even go in there), another had an addition that I swear was done with pink insulation board and a hot glue gun, one had bags of garbage in the living room, one that we really liked had terrible smoke damage. We put in an offer on that house, but they had already had an offer. We put in an offer on one that had been foreclosed, but the bank would not negotiate, even though we offered the asking price. It happened to be two doors down from where my grandpa grew up.

The one that we will be closing on soon is a whole different adventure. We had to give 24-hour notice to see it because it is currently being rented. That was fine, but then the people were still there! They haven't had any advantages in life, so I feel a little bad, but they drove us nuts. The woman gave us a tour of the place, after she got her nasty dog to calm down. The best job she has had was removing asbestos, and as a result had part of a lung removed. The conversation was awkward, but someone had to hang back and chat so the other could see the place - I got stuck with most of that. She asked what I did, and I just said 'biology,' figuring it was a concept that should be at least familiar to most people; she though about that for a while, and then asked, "Like farmers?" They were also there for the inspection. The house is solid, but there was so much stuff, we still didn't get a look at everything.

They have signed papers saying they will move, the financing is done, so now we just need to close!

It has been so gorgeous outside that I haven't been knitting much, but will probably get some time in while watching bike racing today. I packed up yarn today, but kept quite a few projects out because we aren't that close to moving.

This is the house -

It has a great porch, which was required, great woodwork and built-in bookcases. When we get to work on it, I'll show more.

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rubyredruca said...

That house is gorgeous!