Saturday, June 2, 2007

Spring gets so busy!

The class on natural dyes was great. There were some frustrating bits, but I met someone else my age - who has a similar job to me, and lives in my neighborhood.

We made a vat of indigo, and pots of logwood for purple, osage orange for yellow, madder for red, cochineal for rose, and pomegranate for tan. We dyed two skeins in each dye and then overdyed one from each in indigo. We also did different numbers of dips in the idigo vat to get different colors. I brought some extra white wool to dye in the indigo, too.

From left to right: logwood dipped in indigo (deep blue), logwood (greyish purple), pomegranate in indigo (teal), pomegranate (tan, surprising for the color of the fruit), cochineal (rose), osage orange (yellow), osage orange dipped briefly in indigo (amazing bright green), madder and indigo (deep burgundy), madder (red), three variations of indigo.

We were all surprised at the range of colors, the intensity and brightness of the colors, and also how each group, using the same dyes, yarns, all had different variations. Some madder turned much more orangey, some of the overdyes were much darker, some of the yellows and tans were paler.

I bought some logwood and indigo so I can do this again. The indigo was really fun - it comes out yellow and when it hits the air turns blue. I will try to do a step-by-step photo guide later this summer.

I have been knitting, too. Cranking away on my sweater, and I finished a sock I started a year ago. Started the second right away and it has been traveling around with me. I want to get all of these single socks done! There is another waiting for a match that has been around even longer!

Cat played in the mud the other day and had to get a bath - she clung to the faucet for dear life but was otherwise well behaved for being so ticked off.

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Paper said...

Ooh... Devil cat eyes... My guys are so lucky never to have had a bath!